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Joe’s Golf Coaching Style

In most sports when a player shows interest, they attend a supervised practice with a coach.
Players will be interviewed, observed and taught basic skills. Once attained, the coach assigns a role for the player on a team and continues specific training aimed towards success in play. Practice turns to simulated play (scrimmages) and the coach continues to modify practice plans. Once an actual game is scheduled, the coach helps them to execute their practiced skills, adjusting and altering the plan as successes and failures arise. Players advance their skills and enjoy success while learning through peaks and valleys of development as an athlete.

The Golf Coaching Process – What Students Can Expect


Gathering information about your golf history is the first step to building a great player / coach relationship.  Knowing your previous game levels and learning experiences provides valuable insight to your motivations, practice and play habits, as well as styles that work well for your game.


Watching players practice and play is the best way to see what is really happening.  Golfers will be recorded using video and radar technology to accurately present the physical results of their swing mechanics.


Knowing your physical structure and capabilities is essential to making correct and lasting mechanical changes.  Joe uses a detailed physical screening to define golfers accurately and eliminate confusion regarding what swing type you really are.


Using teaching technology and years of experience, Joe can share with his players what is happening, and how to correct errors easily.


Once players have begun to improve their game mechanics, Joe helps his students by reinforcing corrective motions through his years of coaching experience.

Transference Of Skills To The Course

It has been said that the longest walk in golf is from the practice range to the first tee.  Many golfers lament they cannot take their swings to the course.  Joe takes his players on the course to execute proper golf mechanics and learn pre shot routines with strong mental strategies for great playing results.

Yet, in golf players begin without coaching and ultimately plateau to levels below their full potential.  New players experience frustration due to the way they attempt to improve their golf.

With poorly fit equipment and random advice from friends on how to play, the perfect swing is elusive.  Golfers strike the occasional good shot, and when the next is not as good and it is unknown why.

Mechanics become the cure all, and the game becomes elusive to enjoy through all the thinking.

Golf is dynamic, and so are we.

The golf course is a growing, living environment. Greens, fairways, roughs, and bunkers must be maintained daily to create the play environment. The environment is constantly varying with weather conditions, too. Take into account how you can feel from one day to the next in regards to flexibility, strength and focus.

Now, take all the variables mentioned and understand why golf can be such a different game from one day, or even one shot, to the next. Therefore, coaching, practice and play plans must be altered to reflect the dynamic needs of golfers.

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Coach: noun (TEACHER)
– A person who is responsible for managing and training a person or a team:
– A coach is also an expert who trains someone learning or improving a skill, esp. one related to performing.

I use a holistic approach to helping golfers’ games by defining their mechanics through thorough physical screenings, discussing swing theories and mental game strategies with players, and understanding a players’ goals.  I am able to make corrective changes with clear communication to clients and get long lasting results.   ~Joe Plecker

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The plan for each player is to start one-on-one with Joe. A full game diagnosis sheds light on the needs and strengths of your game. Physical movement characteristics, club fitting features, and insights to how a player thinks related to swing theories, previous history, practice habits and play are all considered before any golfer is asked to make a significant change to their game. Once a course has been set by Joe with his student, the plan is in place. Every student leaves their lesson experience with clear objectives and short term goals. Players will receive follow up information, and become part of an exclusive on-line community of golfers with Joe’s Golf Learning Center.

Joe is a golf coach who can be trusted to help change your game for the better.