Golf is the Greatest Sport

Anyone can play it, and no matter your level of ability, it can be fun. Enjoying the camaraderie of a day in nature with friends or in solitude can be more worthwhile than how one scores. However, the restorative value of nature and friendship can be met in the form of a walk in the park with friends just as easily, and is sometimes more welcome than scoring your worst round for the consecutive time. Golf is fun when all of the possibilities it offers are met with success. No one ever had a bad day playing well on the course, and we all want to play to our potential.

So, why is golf hard? Consider Joe’s perspectives from a lifetime in the game as a coach and player:

Golf requires physical skill and practice. So many players think golf can be mastered by swing thoughts that will lift their games up simply by thinking of them. Golfers must learn the game’s geometry, and understand why a golf ball curves, rolls, or spins with every club they use. Using Doppler radar tracking of the club and golf ball, players will learn their golf geometry. Golfers must also understand how they can best use the gifts they have as an athlete to consistently deliver the club to create their repeatable shot shape. Joe is a certified Bio Swing Dynamics Instructor, able to help golfers eliminate swing theories that simply do not fit their body’s capabilities, but only focus on ones that do. Once these facts are known (how the ball flies & player physicality), golfers can begin to practice their shot shapes and rely on their swings in play. These crucial understandings are often overlooked, leading to great frustration and even physical injuries from the game.

Golf must be coached. New players beginning golf by purchasing poorly fit equipment and heading for the first tee – the back tees, of course. Taking advice from friends and some input from the internet, the perfect swing is just a tiny adjustment away. Once a good shot is struck, the next is not as good and it is unknown why. Mechanics become the cure all, and the game becomes elusive to enjoy through all the thinking. In every other sport, when a player begins, practice is supervised by a coach. After basic skills have been attained, the coach will assign a role for the player and continue specific training aimed towards success in play. Practice turns to simulated play and the coach continues to modify practice plans. Once a game occurs, the coach helps players execute their practiced skills, adjusting and altering the plan as successes and failures arise. Sounds simple? It is. Every athlete has had good coaching to help foster and improve their development and good golfers are no exception. Joe understands this important distinction in aiding his players, and is a golf coach.

Golf is dynamic, and so are we. The golf course is a growing, living environment. Greens, fairways, roughs, and bunkers must be maintained daily to create the play environment. The environment is constantly varying with weather conditions, too. Take into account how you can feel from one day to the next in regards to flexibility, strength and focus. Now, take all the variables mentioned and understand why golf can be such a different game from one day, or even one shot, to the next. Therefore, coaching, practice and play plans must be altered to reflect the dynamic needs of golfers.

The plan for each player is to start one-on-one with Joe. A full game diagnosis sheds light on the needs and strengths of your game. Physical movement characteristics, club fitting features, and insights to how a player thinks related to swing theories, previous history, practice habits and play are all considered before any golfer is asked to make a significant change to their game. Once a course has been set by Joe with his student, the plan is in place. Every student leaves their lesson experience with clear objectives and short term goals. Players will receive follow up information, and become part of an exclusive on-line community of golfers with Joe’s Golf Learning Center on

Make the choice to improve with a trusted golf coach – Joe Plecker.