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About Joe Plecker

gcshootJoe Plecker uses modern coaching strategies and technology to help his players achieve their goals, while relying on his life long golf skills.

He is featured on the PGA of America’s website (PGA.com) as an Advisory Board Member and shares his teaching content regularly. He is a member of the PGA of America’s Adjunct Faculty and teaches the next generation of PGA Professionals Teaching I, II, and III. He is a guest on many TV shows and is currently featured on PressBox Live in the Mid Atlantic. A featured writer for PressBox Online, Joe has a golf column to help players enjoy the game and share with new golfers how to play their best. He has been featured in the Baltimore Sun, guest hosted and appeared on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio’s PGA Tour Channel, provided instruction content for Yahoo! Sports, and served as a Professor of Golf Management for Towson University.

He lives with his wife Bridget and son Colt in Baltimore, MD.


A PGA teaching professional with deep roots in the game

He grew up in a PGA family and was guided by his father Coleman Plecker, a PGA Master Professional. He was also surrounded by many great professional leaders that taught him the game.  This early apprenticeship in golf had a profound effect on his development as a teacher and person. Joe was lucky to know and work on the lesson tee with Bill Strausbaugh, Jr. of Columbia CC near Washington DC.

Hours spent on the practice tee with Coach Strausbaugh led to the realization that he to wanted to be a teacher.  When he shared his vision to be a teacher, Coach said “those who dare to teach must never cease to learn”, & “teach players what they can do, not what they cannot do”. Those words have stuck with him ever since and have encouraged him to keep learning about the art and craft of teaching and helping others.

He was fortunate to know Patty Berg and Carol Mann, who shared the successful insights from a previous era that can be translated to today.  This arching span of time in the game (37 years) covers persimmon headed drivers, balata golf balls and pre-modern golf course conditions to titanium headed drivers, ultra light shafts, Urethane golf balls and new technologies. This vast knowledge of the history of the game makes Joe very unique as a teacher.


The Early Years, Top Teaching Mentors and Apprenticeship

Joe played for the Seton Hall Men’s Golf Team. In 1998, he began his career by teaching at the Jim McLean Academy at Chelsea Piers in New York City. The club had large groups of golf clinics where technology was used in all golf lessons.  Today, the facility is one of the country’s busiest ranges and learning centers; a perfect training ground for a golf teacher.  Giving many lessons every day and seeing many different types of golfers is the best way to learn about players’ game needs, swing styles, and communication methods to reach golfers effectively.

In 2002, he became the lead golf instructor at Bent Pine Golf Club in Vero Beach, Florida.  Winter months were spent coaching and learning from fellow PGA Pros from all across the country.

He worked closely with Rick Martino, PGA of America Director of Instruction, where he was introduced to Golf Kinesiology & Bio Mechanics, as well as many other disciplines outside of golf to help teach and improve the golf swing.  Dr. Paul Juris, a Kinesiologist specializing in education, motor skill development, sports performance enhancement, rehabilitation, and intuitive program development, and Scott Sechrest were influential in his understandings that “physically, no two players are alike”.

Working with top mental coaches in the game further influenced the realization of how players learn, communicate, and respond to different environments. This adds another layer of individuality to the teaching and the coaching process.

In 2004, he was named the Director of Instruction for the Baltimore Country Club. For ten years he raised the level of teaching to modern era standards using technology, club fitting, and player development programs that were recognized by his Association as award winning.

Bill Strausbaugh

Bill Strausbaugh

Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn.

~ Top Golf Instructor
Bill Strausbaugh, Jr.


Teaching Awards

2014 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 Growth of the Game Award

2007 – 2014 Golf Digest Best Teacher in State (Maryland), ranked #3

2011- 2012 Golf Digest National Top 40 Teacher Under 40

2010 Mid Atlantic PGA Horton Smith Award, national finalist

2007 Mid Atlantic PGA Teacher of the Year, national finalist

Philanthropic Work

Joe’s concern for his players of all abilities and backgrounds have led him to develop programs with Johns Hopkins Child Life & Living Classrooms. He also travels to foreign countries such as Argentina to teach.  His mission to spread the game and share with others the profound impact golf has had on him is never ending.

The Use of Technology to Improve the Golf Swing

Curiosity and belief in the use of technology for teaching took had tremendous impact on him in his winter months to Florida.  He began using Doppler Radar, 3-D feedback, ultra sound measurement devices, high speed video cameras and online lesson scheduling systems as they first developed.  He was one of the first PGA Professional Teachers to have his own website.  All of this technology has helped him to understand more clearly what is happening in the golf motion (good and bad) to communicate to his students how to improve.


  • PGA of America’s Adjunct Faculty Member
  • Professor of Golf Management Towson University
  • PGA Advisory Board Member
  • Featured writer for PressBox Online & Yahoo! Sports
  • Featured on Baltimore Sun & XM/Sirius Satellite Radio’s


  • 2017 GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America
  • 2014 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 Growth of the Game Award
  • Golf Digest Best Teacher in State (Maryland) 2007-2014
  • Golf Digest National Top 40 Teacher Under 40 Ranked #3 2011-12
  • 2010 Mid Atlantic PGA Horton Smith Award, national finalist